Yijuan Han, Zonghua Wang, Guo-dong Lu et.al. A Magnaporthe Chitinase Interacts with a Rice Jacalin-related Lectin to Promote Host Colonization[J]Plant Physiology, 2019

  发布时间: 2019-03-01   信息员:   


The genome of rice blast fungus (Magnaporthe oryzae) encodes fifteen GH_18 family chitinases. In this study we characterized the function of a M. oryzae extracellular chitinase, MoChi1, and its interaction with a host protein, OsMBL1, a jacalin-related Mannose-Binding Lectin in rice (Oryza sativa). Deletion of MoChi1 resulted in reduced aerial hyphal formation and reduced virulence in rice by activating the expression of defense-responsive genes. We confirmed MoChi1 interaction with rice OsMBL1 in vitro and in vivo. OsMBL1 was induced by pathogen-associated molecular patterns and M. oryzae infection. Overexpression of OsMBL1 led to activation of rice defense responsive genes and a chitin-induced reactive oxygen species (ROS) burst, thereby enhancing resistance to M. oryzae. Knockdown of OsMBL1 enhances susceptibility of rice plants to M. oryzae. Furthermore, MoChi1 suppressed chitin-induced ROS in rice cells and competed with OsMBL1 for chitin binding. Taken together, our study reveals a mechanism in which MoChi1 targets a host lectin to suppress rice immunity.